Process Transformation

Harnessing process mining technology to transform business operations

Our data driven process transformation methodology allows us to gain actionable insights fast. The development of a practical action plan tailored to your organisation dramatically reduces the risk of failure.

What We Do

It is mandatory that an organisation can adapt quickly to dramatic changes, including disruptions to supply chains and traditional business models, time-to-market pressures, and rapidly changing customer expectations. Focus on the transformation of business practices, products, and organisations has never been more critical for an organisation’s ability to prosper.

Organisations must take steps to keep pace with an increasingly digital and competitive market by not only optimizing existing systems, but also creating and acquiring new applications and services that generate deeper insights into their business, industry and customers. Effective digital transformation aims to change the capability of an organisation’s technology function from being reactive and inflexible to being a proactive, flexible part of the business that can respond quickly to changing business requirements. The uplift in capability and maturity of the technology function allows it to become a true business enabler.

By optimizing traditional technology cost models, organisations can free up spend from operational expenses to designate more funds for digital transformation.

Libertas has advised on many transformations including business process, business model, domain, and cultural/organisational change. In doing so, we’ve gained a perspective on just how difficult true transformation really is and what it takes to succeed. Using real data and harnessing the strengths of the organisation’s culture has allowed the design of truly sustainable models and the design of practical implementation plans. Utilising unique and available tools, Libertas takes the effort out of gaining insights, instead focussing on gaining maximum return on transformation.


Process Optimisation Roadmap

Libertas will guide your process improvement journey through a collaborative approach to process optimisation, developing a plan, roadmap, key milestones and critical measures.

Benefit Identification

Libertas can lead benefit identification through the investigation, collation, qualification, and quantification of improvements across your organisation. Quantified benefits are those with a monetary value, often supporting the business case for change and projected to contribute towards a positive return on investment.

Impact Assessment

Being able to visualise and explore every touchpoint from every person through a process enables Libertas to truly understand and assess the impact of any change or improvement to that process. Transparent change management.

Financial Accountability & Modelling

Libertas believes the return on your transformation investment needs to be tangible and objective. That is why our approach builds financial accountability into our solution providing an auditable link from the change performed to the benefit realised. Transparent financial accountability.

Our Proven Approach

Data Driven
We consider problems from different perspectives and deliver insight through data-driven problem solving, focussed on our clients’ most important strategic needs.
Unlike traditional consulting firms, our solutions are developed with a clear view of what is achievable for our clients in their unique environments.
Our model allows us to take different approaches from staff augmentation all the way to full ownership of outcomes. We always leave our clients with greater capability than when we started.
Our people have real world operational experience allowing the solving of real-world problems. Our high calibre teams bring a breadth and depth of experience to their work, along with a passion for delivering high quality solutions for our clients.
Through our partnership with clients we build long-lasting relationships based on trust. We work in partnership with each client’s own expertise and resources to deliver practical and sustainable solutions.
Our approach is to use real operational data, embedding and input from key stakeholders to determine opportunities against leading practice - with relevance to our client's unique situation and culture.

Customer Success Stories


Optimisation Roadmap

Assess current state and improvement opportunities in vendor alignment and staff capability across the HCM domain for a large Victorian public sector department.
Defined a muti staged five year transition roadmap and options assessment working with the client and associated vendor to ensure a successful outcome, enabling a business case for change.

Financial Accountability

Requirement for a detailed financial forensic assessment of an ICT operating model and associated vendor contracts in a large Queensland public sector department.
Provided greater transparency of the financial current state, in addition to highlighting key improvement opportunities.

Impact Assesment

Identify a best of breed vendor management and engagement strategy for a large public sector support organisation to establish the impact of remaining with incumbent or moving to market.
Structured short, medium, and long-term strategy to address the incumbent $135M vendor spend, to ensure better service and greater client satisfaction.

Optimisation Roadmap

Deliver a fit for purpose future state operating model that enables a sustainable future for a state health provider.
Strengthened the alignment, governance, and performance of the integrated business areas for both business customers and the service provider.